What is Biophilia?

I became interested in Biophilia after my boyfriend told me about his research concerning the topic. The concept is that people have a tendency to see out nature. To visualize it, as people have transitioned to working outside, they find it pleasing to look out windows or own plants. To bring people back to their primal instinct of being around nature, we as a species long to be outside.

I am lucky enough to go to college where they take pride in creating visually appealing agricultural landscapes. Most of their buildings come with large scale windows alongside classrooms or studying areas. For me, when I look outside I feel less stressed and relaxed. Perhaps the reason I feel this way is because it reflects two different environments. Inside for work, outside for play.

Recently, my university has introduced a bike share program. It is completely free for students for an hour a day. I personally don’t own a bike or a car, so this program has made it more enjoyable to move around campus. Especially during spring time when everything is in bloom, biking around campus is very enjoyable.

Ever since I learned about Biophilia, I have started to take notice in how much I love to be outside, especially when I am on campus. I have even gone out of my busy routine to buy a small succulent. I would encourage everyone to try to spend more time outside or invest in a personal house plant to put on their desk.

Here is my terrarium that I made. I used to like gardening when I was small, but with 29 hours of work and 15 hrs of school, I opted for succulent instead of flowers.


I encourage all of you who read this to take notice in how nature affects your life. I hope that you find yourself less stressed as you walk, run, cycle, etc. Take time out of your busy life, especially as finals week gets closer, to take time for yourself. Even if it’s something as small as a plant for your desk, try to slow down and appreciate nature.

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