After the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election, the whole nations seemed to come unhinged. Realistically speaking, the world didn’t or massive leaks revealed that aliens were real. But in the eyes of many American people, the values of gender and racial equality seemed to go out the window. One of the most surprising things to me is that America hasn’t made as much progress that I thought. For instance, while scrolling through Facebook I saw that a lot of my friends had shared a video titled “#ThisIs2016”. This video shared the story of an encounter a CEO had while he was and about on the weekend. The CEO was Asian American and very successful. However, despite all this, another woman said to him, “why don’t you go back to China?”. The CEO then went public, telling others about his experience, sparking a wave of other Asian Americans to come forward with their own similar experiences. The election in November has only seemed to heighten the racial tension in America. In fact, it only seems to have been awakened by the 2016 election. The so-called silent majority have only been waiting for a catalyst to bring back this behavior. Not only racial tension has heightened, but gender equality has also taken a hit. With the winner of the election being someone that has criticized specific genders and races, it makes me wonder what type of America we live in. The fact that I question that scared me. It has scared me for the future of this country internationally and domestically. Yes, internationally many countries will become wary of trading with the U.S, and of course, nuclear weapons and diplomatic relations will be on the line, but domestically we are facing a bigger issue. Domestically, we will be tested in how much people care about the environment and social welfare. Not only that, but we will be tested in how people will see each other.

One subject that is the most concerning to me is that people will now have an excuse to degrade people by their gender and race more than they did before. Prior to the election, it was unacceptable to scrutinize someone for their race or gender. However, now that our president does it, who are we to tell people that it’s disrespectful? Sure, many people will blame the millennials for not participating as much in the election, but the matter of the fact is that some millennials still voted for Donald Trump. Educated and uneducated women voted for him, despite the comments he has made throughout the campaign. To all the millennials who voted in the election, especially women, it makes me disappointed in how you have let this man talk about you. I don’t think I will ever be able to understand why after all these degrading things were said to you, you would still support someone like that to the very end. I implore every woman who participated in the elected to look back at history and realizes that we have taken a step back. A step back in gender equality, a step back in racial equality, and a step back in self-respect.

As a young woman who is Asian Americas, I question how my future will look. Will I be treated equally once I get out of college? Will be welcomed in other countries if I were to travel overseas? Will I be able to one day say that this is the American dream so many people strive to achieve? Right now, I cannot change the outcome of the election. I will not go to social media and post about my anger and sadness about the outcome either. The only thing that I can do now is hope for change. I hope that people will be able to make decisions based on facts, not just based on outrageous and extravagant opinions. I also wish that people will be able to take learn from their decisions, not just brush them under the rug and forget about them. Years of ignoring something just gives it time to fester until the moment to strike arrives.  I don’t know what these next four years will hold, but I hope that we as people will be able to surpass the criticism and discrimination and prove to the world that we are better than what this election has made us out to be.

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