What Have I Been up to this Semester?

When a new semester begins, a lot of people set a goal to be more social, whether that be in organizational clubs, in classes, or even at work. The problem is that you may not know where to start. For me, my personal experience came from one of my close friends, He had mentioned to me that the Filipino Student Association was new and always looking for people to join. My other good friend also informed me about the Vietnamese Student Association as well. Deciding to stretch my wings, I chose to be ambitious and join both. I’m happy to say that I’m really proud that I joined these two organizations. In one of my previous posts, I mention how I helped set up and performed in VSA’s Lunar New Year. In FSA there haven’t been many events on as big of a scale as Lunar New Year, but we did hold a Thanksgiving potluck before everyone went home for the break. Everyone made/ brought something.I chose to bring fried rice.While everyone was eating, we all got to relax and chat with each other about how our semester was, and basic conversation starters like that. One of my favorite parts was when we all sang karaoke. I don’t know what it is about karaoke, but it finds a way of making almost everyone happy. Even though this seems like something small, the organization has done a good job of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

One of the events that I’m very excited for is in the Spring. Every Spring, FSAs throughout Texas and Oklahoma get together and compete against each other at Good Phil. Here you can compete in modern/ traditional dance, flag football, soccer, and volleyball. I believe it’s in Austin, Texas. Not to mention all the good food Austin is known for as well. What more could you ask for? Most groups start practicing in the fall, so that way they’re not short on time once spring comes around. I and my friend have chosen to participate in the modern dance for this spring. Good Phil is usually only 2-3 days. The ride from Oklahoma is pretty long, but I think if you have good road trip buddies, everything should be okay.I wasn’t able to participate last year due to homework and projects, but now I know what to expect. I believe that participating in clubs on campus will help me not only make new friends, but also learn more about Filipino culture.

Sure FSA may not be a big organization now, but I’m going to try and convince more friends to come. If you don’t get involved in anything while you’re in college, you’re not really taking advantage of your time in college. Plus, anything you’re involved in will help get your mind off of stressful matters, like exams or your classes. By joining FSA and VSA it helped me establish a network of friends that I knew cared about me. I would love to offer that same experience to someone as well and let them know how fun it is. I’m glad to say that I will be returning as an active member of both organizations. Even though I might be busy with another load of coursework and work, I’ll make sure to find time for these groups.

See you next year :)

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