K-Night 2017

Hi everyone,

This semester I was able to go to Korea Night (K-Night) at my university. It was put on by the Korean Student Association (KSA). I’m happy that there is a good variety of Asian focused organizations. We currently have student associations for Vietnamese, Philipino, Chinese, and Japanese cultures as well. As much as I would like to join all of them, I have mainly decided to focus on Japanese Club and Japanese Student Association and Korean Student Association. 

However, when I had some time off of work, I went to see my friends perform in K-Night. They had spent almost all of the spring semester rehearsing until midnight. There were 10 of them who danced. They split off into two groups: one performing a girl-group song, and the other was a guy-group song. The girl-group performed the dance to The One by APink. The guy-group performed Vixx’s song The Eye. One thing to note is that girl and guy group songs in Korean pop music are dramatically different. Most girl groups are either cute or over sexualized. It’s hard to find a girl-group who isn’t like this nowadays. However, guy-group songs are usually very technical and require a lot of precision.

All in all, I think both groups did great. The girls who danced in the guy-group song were excellent. Two of them are really into K-pop and dancing, so they taught both songs to the other girls. I will post the video down below:

One thing that I noticed more this year than last year was the number of people who came out. Most of them, I noticed, were the Asian Sororities and Fraternities, but a good number were not. I was happy to see that not only Asian people thought that Korean dance and music was exciting. I figured it was cool that Asian culture was able to attract different denominations of individuals to one event. I hope that more cultural events, Asian or not, continue to draw people from various ethnicities to expand their horizons.

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