Eve of Nations 2017

During the Spring semester, I had an opportunity to go to Eve of Nations. Eve of Nations is a large multicultural event that aims to display all cultures. People can participate by dancing, singing, or both. It so large, that the executive team has to rent out one of the largest buildings on our campus.Two of my friends were on the committee to help set up the event. Some of my other friends also did a traditional Hmong dance and a K-pop dance.

Two of my friends were on the committee to help set up the event. Another group of my friends chose to perform a tradition Hmong dance along with traditional Hmong clothing. I’ve always liked traditional clothing from Asian countries. The elegance and culture preserved in traditional clothing are beautiful. I was able to wear Hmong clothes when I went with my friend to Hmong New Year. I made a post about this as well if you want to check it out. I’ll also post a picture of the group that performed down below.

I think that events like the Eve of Nations are great to bring awareness of other cultures. Especially in the time where culture and ethnicity play a huge part in who we are, people should embrace and accept cultures of all backgrounds. As college students, this is the time to not only develop who we are as individuals, but also how our generation can influence change. The performances in this event also enable the audience to see a country for what it truly is- the culture. Predisposed opinions are not what make up a nation. Culture is able to connect across generations.

I believe that by sharing cultures from across the world, we can learn to appreciate individuality as well. Every time I go to the Eve of Nations event, I’m always in awe of the students’ efforts to share culture. The time that they commit to their performance is something I admire. I hope that everyone can go to an event like this, or even perform in it.


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