Japanese Club 2017

こんにちわみんなさん!(Hello Everyone!)

During the Spring semester, I was heavily involved in Japanese Club. The meetings that I was able to attend were on Wednesday evenings. Everyone that attended was in beginner to advanced Japanese classes. We all tried to talk to in Japanese, for the most part,  but sometimes we get carried away with speaking English. I was able to meet two girls from Japan that I hung out a lot with this semester. Their names were Miho and Natsuko. Miho is a freshman, and Natsuko is a Junior. As the semester comes to an end, Miho will be returning to Japan, while Natsuko still has two years left to finish her degree. 

I know my university has a matching program to pair exchange students with college students. I know that I could have had the same opportunity to meet them if I was involved in this program, but I also wanted to make connections specifically Japanese students. Since I am studying International Business with a minor in Japanese, I wanted to establish relationships before I planned to study abroad in Japan.

Since meeting Natsuko and Miho, I was also able to meet other Japanese exchange students from all over Japan. I hope that when the school year starts, I will be able to meet the new Japanese exchange students. I want to strengthen my speaking skills and know more about their culture. Maybe I will run for President after I study abroad… the possibilities are endless.

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